Health Care Reform Won’t Cover International Health Insurance Needs

It’s an unavoidable topic! You turn on a computer, tv, or radio these days and there it is! The debate on health care reform is everywhere. No matter which side you choose in the debate, one thing is for certain; any changes to your health care plans will not be useful during international travels. It is clear international health insurance is a must for foreign travelers.  Even supposing the government were to introduce a new healthcare package, all indications are that it would only apply to citizens staying within U.S. borders. Therefore, if you’re traveling internationally, no matter how long your travels, you’ll surely want to look into international health insurance. Having this coverage assures you affordable healthcare while you travel abroad. Choosing to go without it is truly discouraged when a procedure overseas could cost you thousands of dollars.

Currently, the odds are high that if and when the government introduces a health care plan that offers coverage for everyone, it will only apply to residents of the US in the same manner as Medicare.  International health  insurance is your only guarantee of having the affordable medical coverage you need when traveling overseas.

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