Medical Evacuation Coverage Is Essential – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Expats and “global citizens” must always be prepared for anything.  A routine injury or illness that happens in a remote area might require an emergency medical evacuation, otherwise known as “air ambulance” service. The actual method of transport can typically be medically equipped helicopters or airplanes that transport patients to the nearest hospital with adequate medical care. In many parts of the world, this “adequate medical care” might be very far away and often in a separate  country.

The cost for this type of specialized transportation can be quite high.  In many cases, this cost is somewhere in the tens of thousands. It is definitely not something that one typically budgets
for when planning a trip or move abroad.  Domestic U.S. health insurance plans are NOT designed to cover this type of expense.  That is why all foreign travelers need an international health insurance plan that IS designed to cover it.  All of the international health insurance plans offered by Global Insurance Net provide Emergency Medical Evacuation / Air Ambulance cover as a standard benefit, visit for more details.


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