Do you dream about retiring in a foreign country or pursuing a career abroad? Thanks to affordable airfares, easy access to the internet and globalization, these dreams are becoming a reality for many. However, there is a major challenge that is often overlooked when retiring overseas or moving abroad for work. The potential problem is finding dependable, high quality healthcare outside of one’s home country.

The simple reality is that most countries do not have a health care system as reliable as what we enjoy here in the U.S. Many countries do not have enough hospital beds or doctors to go around. In some places, the illnesses and diseases that are now unheard of in the U.S. still kill thousands. It is crucial to consider this when planning a move abroad and make preparations to ensure that you stay safe.

Here are a few things you could do. A great place to begin your research is the Department of State with their useful travel warnings and travel alerts. Also, your doctor or health insurance company can let you know of any vaccinations you need before you leave. They can also recommend any drugs you need to take to stay healthy once you move overseas.

Another crucial factor is finding a quality medical insurance plan that will cover you abroad – this should also be arranged well in advance of your move overseas (we can provide a variety of options for you). Lastly, one must research the location of medical facilities on the ground before you go.  We are always happy to provide a list of high quality medical providers worldwide.  Most of them already have a direct billing relationship established with the companies that we represent.  Therefore, you just show your ID card and the medical bills get sent directly to your insurance company. Just let us know what city you will be living in (or closest one nearby) so that we can give you a list of the highest quality hospitals.

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