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How to Fight Jet Lag

Researchers have found that one’s internal 24-hour body clock (circadian rhythm) controls the body’s ability to fight off disease.  Jet lag occurs when your circadian rhythm is upset due to travel across various time zones.  The disruption caused by travel and (typically) sleep deprivation makes the body more susceptible to disease. Jet lag seems to be [...]


Do you dream about retiring in a foreign country or pursuing a career abroad? Thanks to affordable airfares, easy access to the internet and globalization, these dreams are becoming a reality for many. However, there is a major challenge that is often overlooked when retiring overseas or moving abroad for work. The potential problem is [...]

Teaching English Abroad

Many of our clients are teaching English abroad – they are teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  China is the top destination at the moment. Here are some tips if you considering being an ESOL teacher : First of all, almost all of the English schools abroad require you to commit for at [...]

Medical Evacuation Coverage Is Essential – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Expats and “global citizens” must always be prepared for anything.  A routine injury or illness that happens in a remote area might require an emergency medical evacuation, otherwise known as “air ambulance” service. The actual method of transport can typically be medically equipped helicopters or airplanes that transport patients to the nearest hospital with adequate [...]

International Health Insurance: A Necessity In China

Your travels are quickly approaching. Are you fully prepared? If you haven’t looked into your international health insurance plan, then the answer is no. Whether you are a tourist, on a business trip, or an expatriate moving to China it is crucial to have the proper health insurance plan. Without the proper coverage, when traveling [...]

Health Care Reform Won’t Cover International Health Insurance Needs

It’s an unavoidable topic! You turn on a computer, tv, or radio these days and there it is! The debate on health care reform is everywhere. No matter which side you choose in the debate, one thing is for certain; any changes to your health care plans will not be useful during international travels. It is [...]

Is Pre-Certification necessary with International Health Insurance plans?

It is always a good idea to do pre-certification with any sort of medical expense, just to be on the safe side.  Although not always required, pre-certification (otherwise known as pre-notification) is definitely worth your time and effort. What is Pre-Certification ?  It is the process of simply letting your international health insurance company know [...]

Does Medicare Provide Coverage When You Travel or Live Outside of the U.S. ?

Many of our senior clients assume that Medicare will pick up the cost of their medical claims while traveling or living abroad. Unfortunately, in almost all cases the answer is no. Medicare is simply not designed to cover medical expenses incurred outside of the U.S. Medical claims abroad can run into the thousands of dollars [...]

Big Changes to Your U.S. Health Insurance (Employer – Sponsored Plan)

September 23, 2010 marked the six-month anniversary of health Reform and its also the date when several key insurance changes come into effect.   Here are some details about those changes if you get your insurance through your employer: 1) Coverage expansion for adult dependents until age 26. Employers will have to provide coverage for dependents [...]

Pre-existing Conditions

Q. There has been lots of talk lately in the Health Care Reform debate about pre-existing conditions.  What exactly IS a pre-existing medical condition and do international health insurance companies cover them? A. International health insurance plans are very similar to private health insurance plans in the U.S. regarding pre-existing conditions. That is, serious conditions [...]