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Health Care Reform and International Health Insurance

Q. How does the new health care reform law affect the international health insurance plans used by U.S. expats? A. The new Health Reform laws will make major changes to the health insurance industry in the U.S.  However, it is important to know that these changes will not affect U.S. citizens living / traveling abroad.  [...]

Health Care Reform and Children with Pre-existing Conditions

Q: Once the health reforms kick in which mandate that children cannot be denied for preexisting conditions and/or children up the age of 26 can be covered on their parent’s plan, will kids with pre-existing medical conditions be eligible for coverage? A: The fact is that it’s too early to tell exactly in black and white [...]

How Health Care Reform Affects International Health Insurance Plans for Expats

I have created this blog to provide timely updates on new developments regarding Health Care Reform in the US and how it affects International Health Insurance Plans for expats of any nationality. Many of my clients have asked me recently what will happen to their International Health Insurance coverage as a result of the Health Care [...]